Monday, 19 September 2011

Gay and lesbian groups indifferent to proposal for 'straight' mardi gras

Gay and lesbian groups have reacted with indifference to a proposal by Sydney City Council for a ‘Straight’ mardi gras on 26 January 2012.

Gary van Bearing, President of the Association for Same Sexes, said that in the spirit of equality and inclusion, his organization welcomes the proposal, adding that in future the events may even be able to amalgamate.

Religious groups, on the other hand, have reacted with enthusiasm to the proposed parade. The Rev Fred Nile, NSW MP and anti-gay crusader, didn’t say that “it’s about bloody time normal citizens reclaimed Oxford St and celebrate what’s great about this city and this country. Straightness, whiteness, religiousness.... ...... and the odd bit of porn research!”

This sentiment was echoed by Dave Toolworthy of the Blackstump Institute for God’s Truth (BIGoT) who said a record turn out is ‘guaranteed’. Mr Toolworthy baulked, however, at the suggestion of combined gay and straight parade. "Listen here" he snarled "there's no way you'll catch me anywhere near a guy wearing only chaps and a smile....unless I'm on an end-of-season footy trip!"

Creepy: Possible design for Nile's float
Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Rev Nile will head up the lead float. In a late twist, however, it has come to the attention of RNOW that Nile may have some competition from former Prime Minister John Howard, whose spokesperson today failed to confirm or deny whether the ex-PM would throw his hat into the ring to head up the parade.

Tones at last year's ev

Meanwhile opposition leader Tony Abbot’s office declined to comment if he would attend, a spokesperson then murmuring something about his usually not attending the real pageant. 

The event may be hosted by Ray Hadley.

RNOWs impression of the 2012 pageant

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