Saturday, 24 September 2011

Australia officially most whiny nation on earth

Australia has overtaken England as the world’s most whingeing nation, according to a paper published in the International Journal of Economics, Sociology and other Inexact Sciences.

According to the study, conducted every three years and based on randomly selected interviews, thematic analysis of political discourse and talkback radio, Australia has moved from seventh to first. England is a close second.

The authors say that “recent Australian political and social discourse indicates a strong sense of entitlement and reliance of comfortable middle class on government welfare, closely related to a tendency to blame the government when things go wrong.”

Regionally, the biggest whining came from WA, NSW and Queesnland, with Tasmanians and Victorians seemingly more content with their lot.. The paper fails to draw conclusions as to the reasons for this increased whining down under. RNOW caught up with some Aussies to get some insights.

Tradesman Steve ‘Macca’ McNought from the northern Perth suburb of Edgewater, says he’s mainly concerned about his growing economic hardship.

Life's tough: Macca McNought and friends - Bazza and Chromie

“Yea it’s a worry, mate. The mortgage on me 7 bedroom house is killin’ me.” He regards cost of living as a major factor. “A round for the boys at the Breakie will set me back 300 bucks! Takin’ the missus out for tea in Sarborough is at least a few hunjie. Don’t get me started on fuel. Fillin’ up the Hilux and the dirtbikes costs me a mozza. I can only get on the jet skis every two weeks these days…”

Retirees Peter and Mary Grouch from Sylvania, Sydney, are equally worried. “Alan (Jones) says the carbon tax will quadruple our energy bills, destroy our way of life and cause three-headed babies to be born to all Aussie mothers…of course we’re concerned. Bloody Gillard, bloody Combet, bloody Swan … bloody socialists.... it’s all their bloody fault”

Meanwhile Jim Lockdread, who lives with his wify Kitty and children Star and Rainbow on a two-acre property near Devonport (Tas), says his family are quite content. “So long as we can get our organic vegies and eggs we’re happy”.

West Aussies doing it really tough:
Colin Barnett, Premier of WA - the most whiny state in Australia - may have grinned “there are real conerns in our community about preserving our way of life: driving big cars around, casual racism, and three overseas holidays every year… against a raft of pressures and encroachemnts."

"Families are doing it tough, some are even having to sell their boats!”

Other surprise packets were Poland and the USA, registering strong rises and falls respectively. 

Poleheads - love a white whine

Tomasz Durnowski, well known Polehead and tabloid journalist said: “No, kurwa, nic nam sie nie podoba, nigdy. Jestesmy otoczeny durniami, kurwa.”  (We don’t like farken anything, ever, farken. We are surrounded by idiots, farken).

With an economy in the doldrums and a realization that the rest of the world hates them, perhaps Americans see no point in complaining.

Aside from Japan, developed nations are overrepresented in the top ten, something that has come to the attention of the blogosphere.

No jet ski? No worries
The world’s least whiny nations are PakistanSomalia and Haiti, despite having plenty to complain about, including famines earthquakes and devastating floods.

Germany's score was boosted by this:

The top ten whingers: 
1. Australia  2.  England  3.  Poland  4. Italy  5. Israel 6.  India  7.     Greece  8.  Hong Kong  9.  USA  10. Germany


  1. You'd be amused at how many jet-ski fanging crew from Carine are now living in Mount Lawley ay. I must say though, some are dressed considerably better than others......

  2. Yes, perhaps, I'll bet they still whinge about the coffee.... or scrunchy wearing Eagles supporters from Padbury